Installing, Configuring and Launching OIM 11g PS1 ( on a Linux server

Similarly to the installing OIM 11g PS1 ( on a Windows machine blog, this one will outline the steps I used to install, configure and launch OIM 11g PS1 on an Oracle Linux 5 machine.

Let’s start with the prerequisites:
Oracle Linux 5.
Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 20 or higher installed.
Oracle 11g database installed.
Weblogic 10.3.5 Linux installer .
SOA Suite Generic installer(disk 1 and disk 2).
Repository Creation Utility (RCU) Size: 309 MB (Disk 1 of 1).
Oracle Identity Management (Full install).

For this installation I saved myself a lot of time by using a Virtualbox appliance with a pre-installed database. Any other Oracle Linux 5 server with Oracle database and Java 6 installed can be used as well.

Unlike the Windows version, this one will not show the steps to install and configure the Oracle database, resulting on the 8 steps described below. As we are not installing and configuring the database, those 3 steps are not shown (but the Windows version can still be found here for reference).

Step 1 – Run the “Repository Creation Utility” (RCU)

As I only found a Windows version of this utility, the process is exactly the same as in the Windows OIM install. The details of my installation for the Linux server can be found here.

Step 2 – Install Oracle Weblogic 10.3.5

The second step installs Oracle Weblogic 10.3.5 application server. For this and all Linux based steps, I created a user “oracle”, and used it to perform all installation, configuration and launch steps described on this blog, except for the previous one, as it was executed on Windows.

When finished with the installation we are going to have one instance of the Administration Server and two Managed Servers. One of the manage servers is used for the SOA components and another for the OIM application.

Step 3 – Install Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g SOA Suite

This step will install in the Oracle Middleware directory all the files required to run the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g SOA Suite.
Here are the instructions to download, extract and run the SOA Suite installer.

Step 4 – Install OIM

Step 5 – Configure OIM

Step 6 – Start Admin Server

Run C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\oim_domain\startWebLogic.cmd (if not started at the end of step 2).

Step 7 – Configure OIM – part 2

Step 8 – Start Managed Servers

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